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Jazzy Medley - 2019 (Art Exhibition)

The 9th Annual Art Show of Resplendence ’19 was organized on August 25th 2019 at Youth Hostel Multi purpose AC Hall, Adyar, Chennai from 4pm to 8 pm.

Around 87 paintings on theme 'Jazzy Medly' were displayed for sale, out of which 65 got sold. Thanks to the tremendous response from the public and the beautiful paintings done by our enthusiastic students. A part of the money earned by each of the studentswas collected for charity and then donated to a NGO.

Overall the show was a grand success.

Art Kiosk – Snazzy Art Takeaways – 2018 (Art Exhibition)

Hurray!! It’s that part of the year again which PAW students look forward to with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Yes, it is Resplendence 2018 – our 8th Annual Art Show conducted on June 24th 2018.

The theme for this year’s grand finale has been ‘Art Kiosk – Snazzy Art Takeaways’.

There have been a wide variety of handmade art products done by my students as takeaways. They range from hand painted diyas, candles, pots, flower vases, cushion covers, handkerchiefs, table cloths to fridge magnets, note books, bags, pouches, bookmarks, greeting cards, pencil stands, key chains. There were canvas paintings, warli art, madhubani paintings, rock paintings, shell paintings, CD art………the list goes on and on………

Nearly 400 products were at display and nominally priced. Glad to inform that more than 90% of the products got sold within the four hours of the exhibition. The kids kept a part of the money as their pocket money and a part was given for charity. The entire charity amount was donated to the paediatric unit of Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai to buy medical essentials to the needy sick kids.


Flora & Fauna – 2017 (Art Exhibition)

Final touch ups being given…….fur effect being added to an animal’s body…..light and dark shades being brought to a flower, viridian being added to the greens to bring a brighter effect……

PAW was bustling with activity with children fine tuning their paintings on the theme ‘Flora and Fauna’, all set for Resplendance ’17.

Around 150 paintings were on display at the Art Exhibition conducted at Youth Hostel Auditorium on 2nd July 2017. The paintings were kept for sale at a nominal value of Rs. 200/-, Rs. 400/- and Rs.600/-.

A new addition to R ’17 is the melodious guitar performance by three guitarists – Ramesh Mani, Ajith R and Chandrashekhar R V which was conducted at the lawns of the venue.

Teams were allotted – Sales team, Finance team, Foods team, Decorations team and Photography Team for the conduct of the exhibition.

Around 30 kids comprising of decorations team decked up the hall in the morning with beautiful posters, colourful cutouts based on the theme and kept the hall all ready for the evening.

The exhibition opened at 4 pm with the lighting of the lamp and prayer song sung by the kids.

The sales team and finance team took their positions and were all set for the hectic evening ahead. The crowd started pouring in. Sales team comprising of around 10 kids guided the visitors around the hall, explaining them about the paintings. Each visitor picked up at least one painting for purchase.

The finance team comprising of 8 members got busy filling in the log books, making entries on the purchases and handling cash while the foods team was providing refreshments to the volunteers.

The Photography team too got busy clicking pictures and capturing the candid moments.

The PAW kids had two options. Either they could take back the whole money earned due to sale of their painting or could donate a part for a social cause. All the kids donated 50 percent of their earned money. By 8 pm all the 150 paintings were sold out which was a remarkable achievement earned by PAW.

Exhausted yet happy over the tremendous achievement, the kids went back home cheerfully.

The money thus collected has been donated to Adyar Cancer Institute (paedriatic unit), Chennai and to Landmark Foundation, an NGO which helps in the education of slum children.


Dancing Waters – 2016 (Art Exhibition)

February ’16 began with a bustling activity at PAW. The kids were giving finishing touches for their paintings. Hand-made decorations were also being prepared on the theme for 2016’s Resplendence, ‘DANCING WATERS’, organized on 6th of March ’16.

The enthusiasm which the kids showed knew no boundaries. The reflection of the setting sun in the waters, the boats and the beautiful back drops, the waters in the rich hues of blues and greens/ oranges and reds leave the viewers spell-bound. The paintings were painstakingly depicted in oil pastels, water colours, poster paints and crayons. Kids displayed superb ‘Dancing Waters’ paintings even through doodling in colour as well as black and white.

The special feature for this year’s event is that the paintings were kept for sale at nominal rates and the proceeds were given away to the respective child artists. By the end of the exhibition, all the 100 displayed paintings got sold and the children were very happy that they could earn their pocket money.

The Serene Rural Side – 2015 (Art Exhibition)

2015 started with a big bang. The children became busy preparing for their most important day – The Annual Art Exhibition, christened as ‘RESPLENDENCE’. This year’s theme for Resplendence has been ‘Serene Rural Side’. The budding artist students did beautiful works in various medium taught in the class like colour pencils, oil pastels, pencil shading, water colours, poster colours and charcoal. Very apt to the theme, paintings of bullock carts, farmers, fields, cattle, village sceneries and rural people have been done. The purpose of having this theme was to bring the lost beauty of the rural side, in front of the people.

This year’s addition to Resplendence was a stall which had all the handmade items done by the students themselves like bracelets, ear rings, decorative items, greeting cards etc. The items were put for sale and the proceeds were given for charity.

Splash of Colours and Beauty of Greys – 2013 (Art Exhibition)

This thematic Art Exhibition was held on March 3rd 2013 at Sunny Sistems Art Gallery. True to the theme, the students filled up the halls with vibrant hues of reds, oranges, yellows and blues. Various shaded of greys and blacks were also brought out to represent the 'beauty of greys'. We took this opportunity to also commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

A few of the students did beautiful realistic portraits of Swami Vivekananda in pencil shading. The talent of the children was remarkable and so evident in their works. People from all walks of life visited the exhibition. There was an overwhelming crowd at the gallery. At the end of the show each student went back home wearing big smiles.

Symphony of Land and Water- 2012 (Art Exhibition)

Yet another year and the enthusiasm of the children increased by leaps and bounds. Around 80 children participated this year and did extraordinary works on the theme 'Symphony of Land and Water'. The gallery was filled with beautiful black and whites – pencil shading and charcoal and coloured pictures representing the theme.

The colour mediums used were colour pencils, oil pastels, poster colours and water colours. 21st January 2012 was indeed a memorable day etched in the minds of the students as their confidence levels soared which was evident by the public appreciation they received.

Children's Art exhibition - 2010

Again on November 14 2010, signifying Children's Day, an Art Exhibition was held at Youth Hostel Auditorium, Adyar, Chennai that showcased the creative art talent of around 50 children. Around 100 exhibits filled the hall with vibrant colours and vivid imagination.


Shubh Arambham

Padmaja Remella conducted an Art Exhibition namely 'Shubh Arambham' of her adult students on 27 & 28th June 2009. It was a roaring success and received an applause from the public.

The following media were used on the works: pencil shading, colour pencils, oil pastels and pen technique.

The objective of the art exhibition was to provide the students a motivation factor and also to let the people know that age is no bar in learning. If one has the inclination and interest to learn an art, today is the best day to start immaterial of his/her age.

Children's art exhibition - 2009

Padmaja Remella exhibited the works of her students between the age group of 4 years and 15 years on 25th October '09. Around 30 enthusiastic children participated in the exhibition. They displayed art works on various topics like still life, birds, animals, landscapes, human figures and portraits. The medium used for the works were pencil shading, colour pencils, oil pastels, pen technique and charcoal.

The exhibition was received by the public in a very positive mood. People were surprised to know about the hidden talents in each child. The children were given a good boost and were motivated to work still better.

Shubh Arambham