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Padmaja Remella is an artist based in Chennai, India. She has a lot of activities under her banner and the one which holds above all is her passion for teaching Fine Arts – Drawing and painting.

She is a graduate in Fine Arts from Stella Maris College, Chennai and she holds a Masters in Business Administration from ITM (Institute for Technology and Management), Chennai and Masters in Psychology from Madras University. She has been teaching and training children and adults for the past 10 years and many of her students have been successfully placed in various Art Institutions and schools as teachers and a few of them are also running their own art shows.

Her teaching methodology is very unique which draws everybody's attention young or old. Her course comprises of various levels like pencil shading, colour pencils, oil pastels, charcoal, human figures, portraits, poster colours and water colours. Certificates under the banner of 'Padmaja Art Gallery' are issued to the students on the successful completion of the course.

There are various in house activities held and the major ones are the Annual Art Exhibition and the Annual Drawing Competition. Padmaja Remella holds the exhibition of all her students on an annual basis in an art gallery which provides a visual treat to the public and also motivates her students to work better. And so is the Annual Drawing Competition among her students which increases the competitive spirit and boosts up the students' self confidence.

Apart from teaching, Padmaja Remella has also acted as "Judge" for various art related competitions across the city for companies, schools, colleges and event management groups. She is also a freelance illustrator and has illustrated many books for publishing houses like Oxford University Press. She is a self-established artist and undertakes orders for individuals and companies.

Her recent interest and study of Art Therapy is giving Padmaja an opportunity to serve the society in many ways. She is keen in providing people – young or old, with or without disabilities a better, happier and contented life.

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